Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Chain Reaction 2015: A Classic Tale

This didn't actually happen...

So, I had a little time to myself and wanted to strike up a quick pick-up game. No better rule set to do that than Two Hour Wargames Chain Reaction 2015...My go to game when I feel like shooting up stuff without a whole lot of fluff.

Background story: A seemingly abandoned military facility on a desolate planet? Yep! What horrors await? Probably zombies! Maybe even wrench carrying ones. Our three brave (?) "heroes" touch down not too far from the base and check their weapons ready to raid the buildings full of lootz.

Hey, that's not in the rules!: These rules are super customizable. As such, I made a few house rules. Firstly, I chose the reps for my people, Lance, the star, is rep 5 (semi-auto rifle, pistol), Twinz rep 4 (two pistols), and Trudy rep 4 (big ass pistol, knife). Secondly, I reduced movement to 6" from 8". The zombies can move 4" and don't take any reaction tests nor do they split into groups and try to flank, as zombies don't do things like that. Buildings don't produce PEF's but I added one to make up for it. Also, I give orders to the grunts but they still take reaction tests.

Objective: To finish the game by 10:00 pm or else the military facility explodes or, in reality, I go to sleep.

On with the show!!!
Lance, Twinz, and Trudy

Turn 1 Initiative: Humans 5, Zombies 6

What's that blue thing!

 Lance leads his women into sight of the first PEF (possible enemy force), which resolves as something is out there! Next roll 3D6 on the PEF resolution table.

Turn 2 Initiative: Humans 1, Zombies 6
I see you, blue thing!

Lance moves into sight of another PEF! It resolves as two zombies but Lance is only in sight of one. At this point I did the proper sequence for in sight (toughest rule in this game) and finally got it right. He takes aim with his semi-automatic rifle and squeezes off a couple rounds...Both hit! Alas, they just thud into the cold, dead body.

"Aim for the head, ya idiot!" Twinz said from below.

Next Twinz and Trudy move up, well out of range with their pistols.
Turn 3 Initiative: Humans 3, Zombies 5 (can't catch a break!)

I have you now...Or not.

Lance fires again...Both shots connect again. Yet again, the hits are absorbed by the zombie!

The ladies move up and within range. Trudy, seemingly pointing her gun the wrong way ricochets the rounds off the nearest building and they hit her target right in the head twice! Dead zombie.

Twinz fires a volley with her twin pistols, Steve and Dave. Bingo! Dave hits and takes out another zombie.

Right into the danger zone!

Turn 4 Initiative: Humans 5, Zombies 1

Trudy and Twinz move into sight of another PEF. Their tracker must be getting wonky again. Nothing but a case of the nerves.
"Not much zombies 'round these parts."

Lance moves up to support the ladies below.

The PEF moves 4" but remains in cover.

Turn 5 Initiative: Humans 6, Zombies 1

The PEF resolved as...Nothing!

End game.

Game over man....Game over! Ending time 9:23 pm, quite a speed run. Sometimes you get a small amount of opposition and sometimes you get boards chock full of baddies. This time it was the former.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Five Parsecs From Home: Gladiator's Campaign Turn 2

The religious artifact the crew must liberate.

I had to use the special card "Have you met my mate?" in order to scare up some help. There are five one use cards you can use in a campaign. This one in particular lets you get a crew member whenever you need one, even during a battle. Pretty powerful so I'm a little reticent to use it on the second turn. The alternative is to only get one recruit so I opted to use it so that I can recruit two new members and go into battle with four characters.

Note: I did kick Hattie and took her shotgun. She was bad luck anyhow!

Anyway, the campaign turn consisted of Katsuda and Skeet recruiting one member each (total of 6 upkeep). No enemies tracked me down so I had to do an "opportunity mission." I decided on the statue since I wanted a cavern theme.

From left to right: Katsuda, Skeet, Grenda, and Gort.

My opponents: Four vigilantes armed with rifles and the leader with an auto rifle.

The scenario: Locals have hired Katsuda's crew to root out their place of worship, a statue deep within a cavern. Vigilantes have decided to make it their base of operations. The townsfolk have little in the way of weapons, being a peaceful people. Naturally, they have to hire some muscle to take care of their problems once in a while.

Strategy: Try and keep out of sight or at least in cover and close as everyone of my people have 12" range.

The set up
Turn 1:   Quick actions went to Gort who dashed into cover. Katsuda moved into range and opened fire! She hits her man and he's stunned but being a terrifying weapon (probably super loud, especially in the cave), he has to take a morale test at the end of the turn.
Gort makes his move but is out of range with his hand gun.

Katsuda opens fire!...Even if she wasn't supposed to!

The enemy take over and run for cover. The victim of Katsuda's cling fire pistol crawls to relative safety while the leader of the vigilante group and his lackey level their rifles at the blue beauty. Being in cover, the bullets bounce harmlessly off the stalagmites. A few yards over, Gort is fired upon by a vigilante behind the statue but the he's saved by poor marksmanship.

They never said anything about collateral damage to the statue!

Grenda joins the battle with a wild shot after she too moves behind a stalagmite. Skeet dashes up behind cover.

(At this point I realized you can't shoot after dashing. As Katsuda dashed and fired, I decided it wasn't such a terrifying shot and didn't make them test morale. Oops!)

Turn 2: No quick actions this time. Things go very wrong.

Fire erupts once again inside the cave, Katsuda is injured and goes down! Grenda is targeted but the bullets miss. Gort, unfortunately, isn't so lucky. He crumples to the ground!

Uh oh...
Alien down!

The good guy's turn sees Grenda fire again but miss. She's a hacker who lived on a space station after all! Skeet makes a wild charge to one of the bridges hoping for a quick action.

Skeet's last stand.

One morale failure for the good guys!

Turn 3: One quick action goes to Skeet who moves into firing position (1" of extra movement is pretty nice!). He fires his shotgun at the woman behind the statue. One vigilante down!

Skeet caps the lady behind the statue.

Enemy take aim at Grenda and she's not very lucky! She gets shot by the boss man's auto rifle and goes down...Game over! Skeet beats feet as he lost his morale roll. If it's worth anything, the vigilantes also lose their roll. *Sigh*

Post Game:  We got paid 1 credit from the locals. A "thanks for trying" gesture, I guess.

Injuries: Katsuda was just knocked out! Grenda minor injuries and would spend one turn in the tank. Gort suffered a leg wound dropping his speed from 5" to 4.5" and missing one campaign turn.

Experience: Katsuda leveled up! I put the +0.5 into combat. Gort and Grenda each gained 1 exp. Skeet also leveled up! Decided I'd also put 0.5 into his combat score. I think combat is a good stat to dump points in for now since you add your combat score to your shooting dice.

Shopping: I spent 2 creds and got a brutal weapon.

Campaign event: An admirer! I've gained one crew member if I choose but they're unarmed and have no skill advances. I'm guessing they can still get stats from their background rolls? I'll take them as I can always dump them, I suppose.

Character event: Gort got +0.5 reactions as he was taught to always be on the lookout. He may have lost a leg but he gained in wisdom!

Well, that was campaign turn 2! Next turn will see the return of Jibril and Tereg. I can finally do some activities other than recruiting. Until next time!

Monday, January 28, 2019

Song of Blades and Heroes: Chicken Chasers vs Humans

Saturday night I invited my cousin and his son over for a play date and our sons played together as well. I chose Song of Blades and Heroes as the set of rules that we would use. Last time we played a war game was back in the old days playing Warhammer Fantasy Battles! Been a long time. I suspect we were still in our teens back then. Now at 36 (me) and 38, we are old haggard veterans of gaming, though this was my cousin's first game since then.

First we played a straight stand up fight and, as I was busy explaining the rules, I did not take any pics. In short, the Chicken Chasers performed admirably taking little in the way of losses!

Charge! A goblin chicken rider goes down. Hardly chivalrous! You can clearly see he was fallen!
We were running short on time but decided to play another game. We did the scenario "Treasure Hunt." We would play up to 3:45 pm or until a victor was decided.
The humans close in on a possible treasure spot (which would turn out to be the magical sword).

A giant chicken blockade being formed. As animals they couldn't pick up the item but they could muck up the field! Alas, the treasure wasn't there and the brave chickens were slowly whittled down.

Chicken riders were diverted to where the treasure was found.

The battle is joined!

After the treasure was found, goblin archers and chicken riders raced to the location.

Most of the human war band had concentrated in the center, luckily for them, as the magic item was revealed in the center ruins. The Human leader was the barbarian looking guy and mine was the black chicken rider.

The battle raged more quickly this time after my cousin got a new set of dice (very superstitious this one!) and understood the activation system a bit more. We had to wrap up the game as time ran out. Just as I was about to administer a coup de grace (yeah right, I was pretty well blocked up at the end as you can see by this final picture)!

Next time I think we'll try the science fiction set of these rules, Mutants and Death Ray Guns.

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Five Parsecs From Home: Gladiator's Campaign Turn 1

The press gang...
This battle was played out on Friday night or what I like to call "Friday Night Fights." The wife works until 12:00 am and the kid is in bed by 7:30 pm so I have plenty of free time to set up and not have to worry about little hands grabbing at little figures and buildings. Anyhow, let's not drag on!
Hero deployment. I thought I'd have at least one random figure on guard duty, which happened to be Katsuda.

As I left off, the group was tracked down by a press gang. They are as follows:

Numbers: +0
Morale: 1  (These guys are not very well motivated...Hopefully I can get a quick victory!)
Movement: 4
Combat: 0
Toughness: 3
Fighting Style: Aggressive
Weapons: Handguns
Specialist: Shotgun
Leader: I decided to roll a D6 and on a 1 or 2 the specialist would be the leader, which they were not. So they are armed with a handgun and have the leader package: +1 Combat and Toughness is raised to 4.

Strategy: I want to get as many kills on the goons as I can to try and secure a morale victory. Pretty simple strategy, indeed. These guys seem like the weakest enemies to fight, which is fortunate as this is my first real battle.

Setup: Since neither gang has a weapon that has a range of 12", I started in close to avoid boring movement, which was a mistake!

Turn 1: With everyone set up, let the fighting begin! I rolled for initiative with Quick Actions going to no one.

Scanning the tree line, Katsuda thought she saw a face. No, she was sure now, it was somebody. The distinct sound of a shotgun being readied broke the silence. It was an ambush! "We're under attack! Everybody out!" Before anyone could get set, the press gang was upon them.

Caught out in the open, the crew was helpless. Shots rang out from the bushes and Hattie went down in a pile. More shots rang out, this time Jibril and Tereg dropped as well.

Doesn't look good for our "heroes!"

Herb kicked over the table and quickly took aim at the man with the shotgun. Squeezing the trigger of his blast pistol, Herb nailed him. He shouted something in his alien tongue (probably PWNT!).

Note to self, a strategically placed metal desk can save your life.

Katsuda stood atop the storage container horrified at the carnage below. She shook herself into reality, things were going bad, real fast. She steadied her aim and fired her cling fire pistol. She was almost knocked backwards by the two shots she fired. Peering over the ammunition box in front of her, she saw she blew the ganger's head clear off.
Not just a pretty face, she can also blow your head off!

The press gang had had enough. They fled as fast as they came. After a few moments making sure the ambush was over, the sounds of the wounded could be heard. Katsuda tended to the wounded while Herb finished off the man he had shot with a garrote.

Man, that was brutal. All it took was one turn! I guess I shouldn't have set them up so close but it was an ambush so thought it might be appropriate. I expected it to be a short battle with just four scum. A lot of 6's were rolled both during the game and post-game so the dice gods definitely factored into my crews fate.


Enemy Status: I rolled to see if the press gang remained an enemy. They had had enough leaving me with just three enemies on this planet...Including the dreaded assassins.

Get Paid and Loot Found: We looted 6 credits and a nano-booster off the bodies then, unceremoniously, pitched their bodies in the deeper woods.

Determine Injuries and Recovery:
Jibril suffered minor injuries. He will remain in sickbay for 1 campaign turn.
Hattie also suffered minor injuries and will be out for 1 turn.
Tereg suffered a leg wound. He now has -0.5" movement dropping him to 4". He also has to stay in bed for 1 turn.

Kat gained 3 exp for surviving and holding the field.
Herb gained 3 exp for surviving and 1 for getting the first kill.
The rest of the gang got 1 exp each for going into sickbay. Could be worse!

Shopping: I spent 2 creds and got Jibril his hand gun. A nice get well gift!

Campaign Event: We sold off some cargo from our last job and earned 6 creds. Makes sense as we were all from an old mining ship, the Gladiator.

Character Event: Herb had some business to attend to and will be leaving for 2 turns! Nice, bro. Way to leave your leader hanging. When he returns, he'll 1D6 exp. and a roll on the loot table. Looks like I'll be recruiting since it's just down to Kat! Probably have to use the one time use "Have you met my mate?" ability too. I've decided I'll boot Hattie next upkeep as she is a liability with those damn assassins tracking her. I'll keep her shotgun though.

In hindsight, I think I should have recruited a couple of more members. It suggested 5 or 6 but I thought, "nah, I'm a tough guy, I'll just take 5!" Probably should have gone with my gut feeling to get at least 6. Live and learn!

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Five Parsecs From Home: The Pre-Battle Campaign Turn and meet the Gladiators!

This is the final post before I get stuck in! I'll quickly go over the pre-battle sequence of the campaign turn and introduce the crew of the Gladiator. I'll show the character stats at the end of this post so it doesn't get all bogged down.

Meet the Gladiators! Decidedly tech savvy and loyal but not well liked...They've got four enemies to start!
Not a fierce looking bunch but hey, that's randomization for ya!

Below is the pre-battle Campaign Turn:

1. Determine if we travel: We're just starting out so won't be traveling any place. We do have a bunch of enemies though so we'll probably get jumped.

2. Pay Upkeep: Paid in full with the starting cash.

3. Assign/resolve crew jobs:

I assign Jibril and Tereg to trade hoping to get some sort of ranged weapon for Jibril. I receive a worthless trinket and some scrap metal worth 1 credit. Maybe I can buy a pistol!

I assign Herb to explore. He chats with someone nice but nothing comes of it.

I assign Kat and Hattie to the range for some training. Each of them gain +1 exp.

4. Assign equipment: Here is what is in my pool of equipment:

Credits: 7

Low-Tech Weapons: Shotgun and x2 Old Fashioned Blades.

High-Tech Weapons: Cling Fire Pistol, Suppression Maul x2, Glare Sword, Blast Pistol, and a Hand Flamer.

Gear: Frag Vest, Assault Attachment (I assume this is the "assault blade") and a Purifier.

Gadgets: Battle Visor

5. Resolve any rumors: None.

6. Play out a table-top battle: I was tracked down by Katsuda's enemy, a press gang.

To be continued...hopefully tomorrow or Friday with a report to follow on Saturday/Sunday.Thanks for reading!

The Gladiators

Reactions: 1
Speed: 4
Combat: 0
Toughness: 3
Tech: 1

Alien Culture: Patron, +1 High-Tech Weapon
Loyalty: Patron (Renegade)
Hacker: +1 Tech, Enemy (Press Gang)
Personal: Old Friend (To be determined later)

Equipment: Cling Fire Pistol (with assault blade attached), Frag Vest, Battle Visor, Old Fashioned Blade

Reactions: 1
Speed: 4.5
Combat: 0
Toughness: 3
Tech: 0.5

Overcrowded Dystopian City: +0.5 Speed
Loyalty: Patron (Alien Diplomat)
Technician: +0.5 Tech
Equipment: Suppression Maul,  Blast Pistol

Reactions: 1
Speed: 4
Combat: 0
Toughness: 3
Tech 1

Tech Guild: +Tech, +1D6 Credits, +1 High-Tech Weapon
Loyalty: Patron (Wandering Preacher)
Punk: +1 Exp., Enemy (Psychos)

Equipment: Suppression Maul 

Reactions: 1
Speed: 4
Combat: 0
Toughness: 3
Tech: 1

Tech Guild: +1 Tech, +1D6 Credits, +1 High-Tech Weapon
Freedom: +1 Exp., Enemy (Alien Mercs.)
Agitator: Enemy (Assassins...ouch!)

Equipment: Glare Sword,  Shotgun

Reactions: 1
Speed: 4.5
Combat: 0
Toughness: 3.5
Tech: 0

Industrial World: +1 Gear
Survival: +0.5 Toughness
Scoundrel: +0.5 Speed

Equipment: Hand Flamer,  Old Fashioned Blade

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Five Parsecs From Home: Character creation!

Katsuda, leader of the Gladiator gang.
 Today I'd like to talk about character creation but before I get started , check this blog out, Another Slippery Slope, for another campaign for Five Parsecs From Home 2nd Edition.

Character creation, to me, is an exciting process as you don't play with pre-built super troopers hell bent on a rampage but instead, you are given a team of random people who just want to make some creds and loot while hopefully not dying in the process.

Here I will give an example of one character with my full crew to come in a later post, the Campaign Turn.
Creating a character is simple. First, you have your basic baby character's stats:

Reactions 1
Speed 4
Combat Skill 0
Toughness 3
Tech 0

Then you begin  by rolling on the Background, Motivation, and Class tables to see what kind of character your person or alien is. These tables can add stats, enemies, extra weapon rolls, etc. Continuing on...

To start you roll percentile dice on the Background Table. In this example I rolled 99. I go down the to the list and see that my character has "Alien Culture," which grants an extra High-Tech Weapon roll. Nice start! This probably means the character is either an alien or grew up among aliens.

Next up is the Motivation Table. I roll the percentile dice again and roll 58. Going down the list I see she is motivated by "Loyalty" and they have a Patron. Probably somebody she has already done some work for in the past.

Next, what class are they? I roll 14 and see that she is a "Hacker." I get +1 to my Tech skill and I have an enemy! I roll to see who the enemy are: Press Gang. Sounds like someone has been draft dodging!

There we go, our first crew member! I'll name her Katusda (I've got a random name generator on my phone). I figure she's an Alien and have the perfect mini picked out. I'll also make her the leader of the crew. I then roll on the "Personal Possession Table" and get "Old Friend." Basically during a battle I can roll once and on a 6, they temporarily join the fight! Pretty cool.

After you have created five or six characters,  it's time to roll on the crew equipment tables. You get 3 military or high-tech weapon rolls, 3 low-tech weapon rolls, 1 gear roll, 1 roll on the gadget table, and 1 credit for each crew member.

Finally you get a "Flavor" roll. This has no bearing on your games but it adds to your possible story of how your crew members met. I rolled "Battered Mining Ship." Interesting! Red Dwarf and The Leviathan series come to mind...I think I'll name the gang after the ship, The Gladiator.

I've rolled up my crew of five and am ready for my first "Campaign Turn," which I will cover next post.

Chain Reaction 2015: A Classic Tale

This didn't actually happen... So, I had a little time to myself and wanted to strike up a quick pick-up game. No better rule set ...