Saturday, July 15, 2017

Life getting back to normal...

 After a having to reschedule my surgery a month later, life is getting back to normal again. Really wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I was in and out of the hospital in two days, a day early. Which is pretty amazing as they had quite a bit of my skull open. You could literally see about half my brain and I was awake most of the time!

 As far as tumors go, I have the best kind a person can have and for that I'm grateful! To cut to the chase, the doctor said I'll have a long life ahead of me. Although, it will be a long road with radiation and chemotherapy. Regardless, I'm tankful to be given this opportunity to get treatment where so many others haven't gotten the chance.

 Thanks for reading!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Facing the unknown: Brain tumor removal

 This post is just sort of a therapeutic venting so doesn't really have much to do with miniatures. More of a life update.

 On May 12, 2017, I suffered a seizure suddenly and was taken to the hospital via ambulance. In the ER they found a "haziness" on my brain and did an MRI scan where they found a mass in my left frontal lobe of the brain. Long story short, I have a brain tumor the size of an avocado pit! On June 1st, 2017, I will be undergoing surgery to remove the tumor, which could affect my right hand function, speech forming, and/or facial movements. Being a righty, this means I could face temporary or even permanent deficits on my right side. The doctor is confident and reassured me I will be all right. Still, it is brain surgery so I'm not exactly excited! Did I mention I'll be awake for the procedure? This will give me the best chance of having no deficits as they can map my brain function.

 It just so happens my favorite hobby, miniature painting, requires a steady hand! I can look at it this way, I may never be able to paint with my right hand again or I can look at it as something to work towards in the future...If all else fails, I guess there's always my left hand! I already told my wife if I lose permanent use of my left hand just cut it off and replace it with a platform that I can hook miniatures to and paint them with my left hand. I guess having good humor in this situation is a good thing!

 of course, most importantly, I want to have good health and a long life with my family and friends. I'm a fighter and will not give up even if I do lose function. I'll face a long recovery but hopefully I'll be able to do some updates soon! Thanks for reading and take care all!


Friday, March 24, 2017

Chain Reaction 2015 AAR: When gangers attack!

 Tonight I decided to have a one-off game of Chain Reaction 2015 to practice up on the mechanics before I start some All Things Zombie: Final Fade Out games using CR2015. It just goes to show you, always expect the unexpected when it comes to Two Hour Wargames!

 And now, the good guys...

Left to Right: Officers Cooley and Schimps Rep 4 grunts, Lt. Droggs Rep. 5 star, and Corporal Nester Rep 5 grunt.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Swordplay 2015: Recovering Lost Relics AAR

The Story: For this game I rolled two Rory's Story Cubes and just made up a simple story based off the dice, here's what I rolled:

 A band of robbers intercepted a caravan transporting some royal treasure that belonged to a tribe of Northern Men and are now hiding out amongst a ruined city. Unbeknownst to them, the Barbarian Prince himself would attempt to retrieve said treasure…I know, not a very deep story but still gives me a reason to bust out some new terrain and my minis for a good romp!

Initial Setup: I wanted to play a raid encounter and I deployed the terrain to my liking and then deployed the PEFs. Two in section 1 and another in section 2. I deployed my band in section 8.

More after the page break!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Red Sand Black Moon: Sambre, the Amazon: Fight two!

The date, February 983. The locale, a wooden arena in the Border Kingdom. The combatants, Sambre (Savvy 5, Strength 4, Speed 5) versus a skilled soldier (Savvy 5, Strength 5, Speed 5 with a sword and light armor).

 The cold winds blew across the arena floor, still frozen from the winter. Two warm bodies entered the arena with one thing on their minds, getting out alive. As is custom, the scantly clad slave girl signaled the beginning of the fight, hoping for a quick victory so she didn't freeze to death.
The fighters!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Red Sand Black Moon: Sambre's first fight!

By Two Hour Wargames
If you don't know already, Red Sand Black Moon by Two Hour Wargames is a set of fantasy gladiatorial combat rules based off the more historically accurate gladiatorial combat rules Red Sand Blue Sky. But I'm pretty sure facing trolls and orcs really happened in the Colosseum so RSBM is pretty much historical...You'll just have to take my word for it! ;) Anyhow, I decided  after some fierce battles to try a campaign.

Monday, May 9, 2016

I've been busy painting, what can I say!!!

To make it quick, for a couple months I've been hard at work painting. I wanted to share what all I've been up to. I'll keep it brief and let the pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy!

Foundry Secutor
 Tons more ahead!