Sunday, August 30, 2020

D100 Dungeon Version 3 First Impressions


 I recently acquired D100 Dungeon Version 3 by Martin Knight after seeing it on several YouTube videos explaining the game mechanics and I was intrigued by what I saw. Basically, you take on the role of a single warrior, rogue, or mage battling through dungeons trying to complete quests and encountering all sorts of monsters as you go. Typical dungeon crawl fair but I'm one of those fans of dungeon crawls and I can't get enough of them! Click read more below if you'd like to see my initial thoughts of my first play through! (Please note, version 2.2 is available free here at the Geek)

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Four Against Darkness Review


A review

I now feel I have played enough games of Four Against Darkness to make a fair assessment of what it has to offer. I've played at least 12 or so dungeons. Keep in mind, this is the base game. So if you like, continue on under the break to read more!  


Thursday, August 13, 2020

Four Against Darkness: Metalhoods Excellent Adventures Part 2



 My second adventure with the "Metalhoods." This one was a bit more rough but I did complete it, woot! I actually played it over two days while my wife and son colored and then played with slime. Thankfully, the Metalhoods didn't run into any gelatinous cubes.

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Four Against Darkness: Metalhoods Adventures Part 1

Four Against Darkness in all its splendor.

Four Against Darkness (4AD) is a fantasy dungeon crawler that probably doesn't need an introduction. I'm a little late to the party but hey, better than never. In 4AD you map out a dungeon as you adventure through it with a team of four characters chosen from eight different classes. There are a ton of other classes in other supplements, probably about a million of them. Ok, not that many but the game is well supported with many expansions both in the form of adventures and expanding on the base game.

 If you'd like to read more, hit read more!

Sunday, July 12, 2020

All Things Zombie Evolution: The Hunger
Continuing on with our story, our three survivors Ralph, Theo, and Natasha continue on in the zombie apocalypse. After a few days, hunger starts to take its toll. So their next encounter is an explore in the suburbs. It's just a couple of days after their last encounter so they should be pretty hungry but not enough to lose reputation. Starting next encounter though, I think I'll drop their reps, assuming they survive.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

All Things Zombies Evolution: The Meat Wagon

ATZ: Evolution
I recently made a 6 " x 6" "micro table" for quick games inspired by this post on Facebook by Kurt. I'm using 5mm dice instead of miniatures or tokens. I also printed out little buildings, roads, trees, cars, etc. to populate my table. Mostly I'm seeing if my son can keep his little gremlin hands to himself.

Friday, June 5, 2020

Hawkwind Saga: The Lost Episode

This is a chilling random encounter that I never finished!

The rain poured down as the man, known as Hawkwind, stood reluctant to enter the bar before him. The cheesy neon lights flashed in the puddles. One said "Ope !" clearly the n had burned out long ago. Another said "Live Noods!" clearly someone forgot to check their spelling. The name of the place was simply named Gus'.

"This must be the place Miranda was talking about" he mumbled to himself. He sighed and entered the building. His senses were immediately overwhelmed by loud music, the smell of piss, beer, and other noxious scents. He scanned the place and, after a moment, saw Miranda.

On his way there, a nude man dancing on a table swung his junk nearly into Hawkwind's face. He didn't flinch and in a flash, his blaster pistol was aimed at the guys package. "If you don't get that thing out of my face, you're gonna be known as the guy with no nuts" Gordon said flatly. The dancer only shrugged and blew a kiss at Hawk, moving on to another bar patron.

As Hawk came up to the table where Miranda was seated, she obviously saw the entire thing. "A little excitement, eh babe?" she said with an impish grin. "I think you guys would make a cute couple."

"Shut it, Mir" he said as he took a seat next to her with a heavy sigh. "Definitely not my type."

"Oh, just what is your type?" Gordon felt a hand on his leg.

"Really? I'm not in the mood."

Miranda feigned insult. "Oh come on, just a little fun? Loosen up a bit, Gordo. Have a drink, on me" she signaled to the serving droid for a couple drinks."Anyway, I happen to have a job for you" she said, switching to a business tone.

Hawkwind massaged his eyebrows "you've got a job for me? I thought you worked for me?"

She stifled a laugh "No, you are mistaken. I need you to take me to Zirqon territory. I have a contact there who needs some illegal parts but you can't just land a ship there."

Gordon snapped his head up "Zirqons! They don't exactly like humans...or anyone for that matter. You got some balls, Miranda just hope mine are bigger." He mulled it over in his head "all right, I'll accept the job but I expect hazard pay for this one."

Miranda smiled ruefully. "I do, just don't threaten them like that dancer!"

Next encounter, escort!

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Tanan Saga: Bernard The Healer

Once again, we follow Tanan the elf scout (Rep 6 AC 2 shooter). This time, he will be guarding a healer named Bernard. I will consider Bernard (Rep 4, AC 2) part of the group until he is dropped off at his destination (or killed!). I will be doing two Wandering Encounters as per the "Guard a Character" job. It says you may resolve as many PEFs as you want on a Wandering Encounter but instead of doing it the easy way with just one, I'm going to resolve two for each encounter set in a different battle board. The first would be 1-3 Tereken, 4-5 Goblins, and 6 trolls. The second would be Mirholme and the rest the same.

The elf and healer set off early that morning with the sunrise. They chatted along the way and sang a few traveling songs.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Tanan Saga: Market Day

Getting fed up with not being able to recruit members to his band, Tanan decided he would do something very unlike an elf. He would go to the nearest city of men. Elves, as you know, are very shy folk who prefer the woods and the company of animals over that of men. But, as his village didn't really contain anyone interested in adventures, he decided it was time to go into town.

Tanan knew that not far from his camp was a small city. He decided to look there. So he broke down his well disguised camp, rolled up his bedroll, and set off. It would be a short journey.

This will be a carousing encounter. I'm using my new Big Book of Fantasy Mats by Loke Battle Mats. These are perfect for Battle Boards! Look for a review of the Fantasy and Sci-Fi books soon! A nice addition to the Battle Boards from Two Hour Games.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Tanan Saga: The Encroachment of Man

Tonight, we again join Tanan the elf on his ongoing adventures. Let's take a look...

Tanan woke early in the morning to do some exploring. At heart, he was an adventurer. He liked to walk in the sunlight and take in the cool morning air. Strapping on his quiver and stringing his bow, he set off, humming merrily. He made his way north into the scrub lands.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Tanan Saga: Troll Troubles

A young elf deftly crept through the forest, eyes and ears sharp for anything ahead. Tanan was his name, a scout from a nearby elven village in Tereken. 

Tanan is a rep 5 wood elf shooter with an AC of 2. He has the attributes slippery (race), hard as nails (random), and agile (class). He's aligned with Red Sun. The encounter is Wandering. I figured instead of a Carousing encounter, an elf would feel more natural recruiting on a wandering encounter so I chose 1-3 Tereken Men, 4-5 Elves, and 6 Trolls.