Friday, December 18, 2015

The Orc Fortress...A Song of Blades and Heroes Dungeon Crawl!!

 Hail adventurers! Herein lies the account of another venture into the depths of a dungeon using the Song of Blades and Heroes rule set with the Song of Gold and Darkness dungeon crawl rules. As usual, I am using the fantastic fan-made expansion for SGD called Deep Dark Dungeons (DDD). Read on after the link if you're interested in seeing what happens! Plus, check out my custom-made orc dungeon table at the bottom! Enjoy and happy holidays!
Same composition as last time's party just different miniatures. Dwarf, Swordmage, Acrobat Thief, and Crusader. Maybe they'll have better luck!

The layout. I kept it small hoping for an easier adventure for these new heroes.

Just a small taste of the monsters I could possibly choose from in any given adventure.

Door swings open, and we're off!

"Hello, what's this...Rubbish, that's what!" Nothing to be found in the bookshelf.

Someone took notice of the good guys entering!

"Cripes! This job doesn't pay me enough!"

Miraculously, the thief, who is hardly fit for combat, fends off the orc!

Well, until he was cut to shreds the next turn! Our first contestant is down!

After being knocked to the ground, the crusader cleaves the orc in half.

"Tally ho!" Our brave crusader charges in!

The crusader again chops up an orc with his mighty broadsword.

With no where to be "pushed back" to, the orc falls down and is slain by the dwarf, handily.

"Rally ho! Treasure!" Recklessly, the crusader busts open the chest. Thankfully, no sinister traps lay within. A Masterwork Weapon was found and given to the dwarf.

"Didn't we just kill these guys?"

"Broadsword ho!" Unfortunately, the crusader's charge ended in his death at the hands of the greenskins!

A bit more cautiously and with mage support, the dwarf slices up the armored orc archer.

"This one's fer you, thief!"

Our adventurers thought better of their situation and decided to make an early exit...Of course, some wandering orcs had other plans!

More teamwork and the orc warrior is sent to...wherever orcs go, probably not heaven. Unfortunately, a lucky shot by the orc archer catches the dwarf right in the face...Face-to-arrow survival ratio is not good, poor dwarf!

The Swordmage...(wait a second, that's no sword!) makes a break for the exit but the orc takes one more pot shot...and misses.

Here's the orc encounter tables I used. Feel free to use them!

Normal Encounters (D6)
1) Orc Warrior x2
2) Orc Archer x2
3) Orc Warrior + Orc Archer
4) Orc Armored Archer + Wolf
5) Orc Warrior + Orc Armored Archer
6) Goblin Warrior x2 + Goblin Archer
Challenging Encounters (D6)
1)  Orc Warrior x 2 + Orc Armored Archer
2)  Ogre Hero
3) Ogre Warrior + Goblin Warrior x2
4) Goblin Hero + Goblin Archer x2
5) Goblin Archer x 4
6) Troll x2
Final Challenge (D6)
1-2) Cave Troll + Goblin Warrior x4
3-4) Orc Warchief + Orc Shaman
5-6) Orc Champion + 2 Orc Warriors

 Custom Monsters:
Wolf Q4+, C2: Long Move, Animal

Orc Warchief Q3+, C4: Tough, Heavy Armor 


  1. Nice looking adventure and beautiful minis!

    1. Thanks! Was fun and deadly. Always a good combo when dungeon crawling. :)

  2. looks like it was fun. Just checked out your blog after I missed your comment on mine from back in March. Thanks for the link to DDD for Song of Blades and Heroes! :) I like the way SOBH plays and the solo option looks good.

    1. Thanks for the add!

      Yeah, it has great solo potential. Song of Gold and Darkness especially, although right out of the book it's more geared towards multiplayer but DDD really enhances the solo elements.

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