Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Return to the Drow Priestess' lair...A Song of Blades and Heroes dungeon crawl

The four mighty heroes! Crusader, Acrobat Thief, Dwarf Warrior, and Swordmage.
 Herein lies the picture diary of our four brave protagonists as they attempt to hunt down and slay the evil Drow Priestess! I used the rules from Song of Blades and Heroes, Song of Gold and Darkness, and the custom tables from a fan-made companion called Deep Dark Dungeons, which is a great little addition to the dungeon crawl rules for SOBAH!  If you wish to take a step into the dungeon, then read on!

The layout, a simple enough dungeon.

My collection of SOBAH dice sets! Because you need matching dice sets to your forces!

The thief encounters a trap right off! Which he promptly fails to disarm so the crusader had to "absorb" the hit. Thankfully, he was able to dodge the dart.

What's behind the door? Drated, a drow!! Crossbow bolt whizzing by knocks the crusader off balance and he falls.

Regaining his feet, the crusader charges but the fight is a draw! The thief sneaks in and plants his dagger right in the heart of the drow while he is distracted.

Another drow assault!

The crusader makes quick work of the drow warrior with his Paladin trait and soon finishes off the crossbowman as well.

Meanwhile, back at the beginning of the dungeon...A shadow mastiff appears!

With a Dashing +1, ambush +1 bonus, and a power attack by the shadow mastiff, somehow the warmage survives!

"If only I could read..." The thief finds nothing of interest in the bookshelf.

A powerful combined assault brings down the mastiff!

The final boss! The drow priestess has been found!

Right off the bat, things go poorly for the crusader as the first medium spider pounces and not only knocks him down but also poisons him!

The second medium spider approaches, finishing the job on the crusader! The drow priestess moves in and transfixes the dwarf...

A bad dice roll sends the turn back over to the drow force and the spider feasts upon the helpless dwarf!

With the Acrobatic Thief having a C1 with the spider's C3 and power attack, that left the thief with a score of 4 and the spider with 9. At that point I quit the dungeon so I could post this blog about it! :) Hope you enjoyed!

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