Sunday, December 13, 2015

Song of Blades and Heroes solitaire photo highlights, Orcs vs. Humans!

 It's been a while! I've been meaning to get a blog post up and now I actually have some worthwhile content. I've played a couple solitaire games of Song of Blades and Heroes against, well, myself. Here's some highlights of a battle I fought with a raiding party of orcs and a detachment of knights with a wizard battling over a "Place of Power."...Also, I wanted to test out my new Black Friday deal camera, so here's a quick highlight reel!
The battling was fierce at this point, when I remembered "Hey, I've got a new camera to try out!" You can see casualties mounting off the table to the right.

The orcs get stuck in with a knight..The ever out of range (and out of focus!) wizard watches on.

The blue and red knight keeps the orcs at bay whilst the human leader (purple guy) and his trusty companion survey the fight.

The orc leader rallies his archers near the forest with shaman in tow.

Just showing off my scratch-built mausoleum, well, aside from the doors.

Finally, the wizard joins the fray attempting a transfix...The green knight steps up as the red/blue one gets pushed out of combat!

Both human and orc combatants are thrown to the ground as the orc leader engages the wizard, oh no!

I didn't get a pic of it but the next turn the axe-wielding human leader dealt the orcs a decisive blow when he charged the leader and cut him in two causing most of the orcs to flee and the rest to quit the field. See, he wasn't just hanging back to give orders, just waiting for the right moment to show the humans who's boss!

 I really like playing Song of Blades and Heroes solo. Playing both sides can kind of seem drab in a lot of games but with the activation system in SOBAH, it keeps things tense. I just need to work on my skirmish tactics. Even playing alone I'm not that great!

 Hopefully I'll get a bunch of pics of the plethora of new minis I've finished painting up. Happy holidays, folks!

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