Tuesday, March 22, 2016

My first attempt at a "DIY Caulk Battle Mat"

I was recently looking into buying a battle mat. Something I could roll up as space gets more limited it seems. I also wanted something that wouldn't break the bank. With a baby on the way this fall, both of these things had to come into consideration!

 That's when I found this awesome tutorial on how to make battle mats using canvas, caulk, and paints! Seemed like a project I could tackle rather inexpensively. Here's a quick look at how mine turned out...Not too shabby for around $10 worth of materials! Not to mention, I've got plans to make a whole bunch of different ones, including some smaller ones for my 10 mm and 15 mm figures.

Randomly placed figures and terrain!
 Another key factor was the size of my playing area. I have a beloved card table that I use for almost everything, from crafting to playing games on. While the ideal size for most of my games is 3'x3', my table is only 33" x 33". With a custom mat, it was as simple as measuring and snipping out the right size. :)
Painted to match my basing style.
 So there you have it. Cheap, durable, able to be stored, and looks halfway decent. Thanks for reading!


  1. Excellent results indeed! I've been sorely tempted to have a bash at doing some similar mats as they just look so good!

    How are you finding their durability thus far?

    All the best!

    1. So far it's great! I haven't had it rolled up for prolonged periods of time though, so I can imagine it will be rolled up a bit around the edges but I think any mat will have that problem. The rubbery nature of the caulk should make it hold up indefinitely. I'd imagine years down the road it might have some problems with drying and cracking but they're so easy and cheap to make, I'm not too worried about it.

      Thanks for having a look! :)