Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday Dungeon Crawl Madness!!!! (Battle report)

 This Sunday I was home alone, so decided to do a little solo dungeon crawling. The rules I used were Song of Blades and Heroes and its expansions as well as the fan-made expansion Deep Dark Dungeons. I'd advise you to check out both!

Our brave adventurers from left to right: Drakus, Tristin, Snibly, and Gilna.

The dungeon layout.

So as most adventures first start, sitting around a tavern late at night, our group of heroes caught wind of possible riches hidden away in the lair of a drow spider queen. Always ones for some adventuring and a bit of gold, maybe even treasure, our four intrepid heroes set off in search of the queen.

As they descended the stairs, they were met with a small room that had a door at the other end...

Room 1: Snibly approached the first door and readily identified it as trapped. Everyone waited anxiously for Snibly to attempt to disarm it. After one failed attempt that didn't set off the trap, Snibly's nimble mousling hands disabled the trap and opened the door.

Snibly peered into the first room anxiously. At first he didn't notice anything but some crates strewn about the southern wall. He gave a sigh of relief but jumped to conclusions too soon as two dark elf fighters crept from their hiding places into the light of the dungeon's torches. The first encounter was on!

The first elf advanced closer to the group of adventurers but hung back hoping his counterpart could reach the enemy and have a swing at them. He did just that and took a power swing at Snibly but the overgrown mousling was too swift causing the drow to stumble forward right into the thief's waiting dagger, killing him instantly!

After a humiliating effort in combat that included even the wizard knocking him down, the drow was finally smote by Gilna's sword to his gullet, forever will this dungeon be his tomb. Rifling through the corpses, the party got a hefty sum of 30 gold coins for their efforts!

Room 2: Snibly slowly opened the door after checking for traps. Spider webs clung all over the small musky room and there amongst the ceiling were two huge spiders! Wasting no time, Snibly and Gilna charged in with Gilna knocking one of the spiders down. After scrambling back up to its feet, the spider launched an assault on Gilna, which was easily turned aside and a great elven boot kicked in the spider's brains, goo spattered the walls! Another attack was leveled on Gilna but a deft blade sent the spider reeling making it fall down. Wasting no time, like a well oiled machine, the party encircled the fallen spider and finished it off.A meager 5 gold coins was had from the spider's lair.

Room 3: A fierce growling could be heard coming from the other side of the third door. Snibly jimmied the lock and threw open the door, readying himself. Snarling, a Shadow Mastiff awaited the party's entrance, hackles raised and fangs leering. As has been the case for our heroic party, Snibly flanked the shadowy beast and subsequently knocked it down while Gilna charged in for the coup de grace but this time Gilna was dragged down to the slimy floor as well. Thankfully, Snibly's quick wits and even quicker dagger came in and felled the Shadow Mastiff before any harm could befall the elf. No gold was had this time but the party was thankful everyone made it out.

Fierce combat...

Room 4: Snibly noticed a trap right away on the door and it looked quite difficult. Time would be needed. During that time though, to the north a crossbow bolt flew past Drakus, barely missing the warrior's helmeted head. With Snibly still working on the lock, Gilnas and Drakus charged forth into the enemy ambusher. A great battle ensued between the three combatants but bad luck befell Gilnas and he perished at the tip of a wicked blade produced by the crossbowman! Shaken but not demoralized, Drakus fought on. Snibly rushed in to avenge his comrade but was brought to the ground by a sweep of the dark elf's leg. In a rage, Snibly rose up and thrust his dagger deep into the gut of the elf ending the confrontation. After a few words for their fallen friend, they pressed on.
Snibly feverishly working on a trap!


A pole arm to the face for killing a friend!

Early on in the fray, Snibly had managed to disable the trap with some difficulty and he felt partly responsible for his friend's death. If he had been there fighting side by side, maybe the elf's fate would have been different. Shaking it off, the mousling forged ahead. 

On the other side of the fourth door, ready to send her minions to attack, was the Spider Queen! Immediately she sent forth one of her spiders to attack but a foolish mistake it was as the spider crossed a magical rune and was sent to the ground with a thud. After the second spider approached Drakus, the mighty warrior cleaved the arachnid in half and charged at the other spider that was wriggling on the floor. The Spider Queen hissed and sent a bolt of fiery wrath at Tristin the mage, knocking him down.  Meanwhile, Drakus was able to finish off the other spider, leaving only the dark elf priestess to fend for herself.
Boom! Spider caught in the queen's own trap!

Drakus engaging another spider after slaying the first.

The party moves in for the kill!

The warrior and thief split up and closed in on both sides of the priestess whilst the wizard, after recovering, shot lightning bolts pinning the priestess. She had no where to run! Producing a short sword, the drow woman parried Drakus' attacks and sent him face down on the ground, stunned but not too badly injured. The mousling joined the battle knocking the priestess down as well. Drakus managed to right himself. Surrounded, outnumbered, and on the floor, it's clear what happened next!
Moments before the Queen went down....

The party patted each other on the back on a job well done. A bitter sweet victory losing a comrade in arms and friend. Among the treasure trove of gold from the Spider Priestess' chambers was a Magical Shirt, which will come in handy on further forays into dungeons.


  1. Nice report! I like your dungeons and miniatures, and eclectic band of heroes. And it's always good to see people having fun with solo dungeon delves (especially using rules like the "Song" sets and miniatures of their own, rather than the big boxful of plastic minis dungeon boardgames - which can also be good, but tend to be more restrictive in terms of characters, monsters, etc., at least as packaged).

    1. Thanks very much! And hey, with the Song series of games, you can use all those boxes full of miniatures as troops also, so even more reason to love SBH! :)

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