Thursday, March 5, 2015

The classic six heroes from Dragon Quest by Ral Partha!

 I'm a vintage collector, be it miniatures, books, video games, whatever. The sad thing is, a guy my age (33 next month!) calling stuff vintage from when he was a kid is just sad since it was only in the 80's and 90's that's not that far off is it?! Well, I suppose it is...

 The six player characters from Dragon Quest were made in both plastic and metal versions. Presented here are the metal versions. They came free with the sealed game box I got last year for only $40...Well, I guess that's a good price. It was vintage, it had cool box art, the cards had awesome old D&D art on it, I was a sucker, what can I say! I bet if my wife were an old flabby hag tatted up with old D&D art with a Ral Partha or Citadel Miniatures brand on her, I'd have gone for it! Thankfully, she's quite beautiful and not at all hag-like, nor old and flabby. The point is, I love vintage stuff! Anyway, I'm rambling, here's the pics!
Love these three!

The dwarf is definitely my least favorite...
  I really like these guys. The dwarf is a bit lacking but he's still got some charm. Some people don't like the thief because he's a little small but what he lacks in height he makes up in pure unadulterated codpiece! The other guys are pretty standard fantasy fair but I like that. The elf, however, definitely reminds me of old Citadel GW stuff.

 Until next time bloggers, have a great weekend!


  1. Great work! I love this set of minis! My fave dungeon crawl heroes of all time.

    1. Yeah! I was inspired to finally paint them after reading your Deep Dark Dungeon posts. Poor guys always seem to die left and right!

  2. Oh, my, I still have the cleric / wizard somewhere :)
    Nice paintjob!

    1. Thanks and thanks for visiting my blog!