Saturday, July 12, 2014

First Song of Blades and Heroes match, The Sexy Nuggets vs The Mullet Mashers

 Tonight I played my first game of Song of Blades and Heroes by Ganesha Games against my fiancee. She played as a mix of humans and dwarfs and called her warband the "Sexy Nuggets," which included a human leader, an dwarven elite soldier, a dwarven orcish slayer, two human warriors, an elite human archer, and a human spellcaster. My force was led by an orc warrior and included six goblins, a lesser eye beast (dropped assassination), and two lesser trolls (dropped tough) and I called them the "Mullet Mashers." We played the Treasure Hunt scenario over a Paizo Flip Mat covered by a piece of thin plexiglass with some terrain features added on (the building is a Dave Graffam paper model (very cool!). Here's a few pics of the action!

The start of the battle. Admittedly, the map is a tad small but I really liked it. :)

My fiancee's leader grabs the treasure on the first attempt! Check out the Dave Graffam building!
The forces engage each other in the field. Some of my goblins were pounded into dust, as planned.

But my eye beast transfixed her leader and then in the subsequent turn shot her to death!

                                                           BATTLE REPORT
  The game was a lot of fun for both of us! It was a little rough going since we were both learning the rules for the first time but all in all, was pretty simple to learn. On the first turn the Sexy Nuggets discovered the treasure and I thought she was going to win it quickly. I advanced my goblins to try and intercept her before she could leave. After she picked up the treasure though, she rolled three 1's the next activation and that's when the tide of war turned.

 I was able to capitalize by moving my eye beast into position and transfixing her on the spot. After that, she tried to wake her leader up but only rolled one success. Subsequently, the eye beast shot her in the face and it caused a few of her models to run. After that she managed to score a gruesome kill on one of my goblins causing a break in my forces and leaving me with almost half my models gone. I managed to nab the treasure with my eye beast but had to turn play over to her after a bad roll trying to move my trolls into position. Then all hell broke loose when she killed one more goblin reducing my force to 50% routing several of my men and nearly the eye beast! Thankfully, he only failed one morale dice and was able to hold it together. After that, it was smooth sailing and I coasted to victory with my eye beast holding the prize.

FINAL SCORE: The Mullet Mashers 11, The Sexy Nuggets 4

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