Sunday, July 20, 2014

A week's worth of work! Mostly Reaper Bones.

 It's been a long and hot week but I got a lot accomplished both on the miniatures front and scenery for my Song of Blades and Heroes set. Without further delay, here's some of my work this week, enjoy!
Reaper Sir Justin slightly converted rendition of the Ultima VIII Avatar. I saw this figure and knew I had to paint him as the Avatar! :)

I shaved off and filed the shield device cross that was on the shield originally.

Reaper Bones Treasure Chest
Reaper Bones Battleguard (copper)

Reaper Bones Battleguard (Steel)

Reaper Bones Flesh Golem

Another Reaper Bones Flesh Golem

Reaper Bones Stone Golem...I actually did two of these identical to each other. I figure I can use them as terrain as well!

Reaper Bones Zombies...Really looking forward to the Bones 2 wave of zombies!


  1. Welcome back :)

    i wanted to see more of your work since your 2012 megaminis post

    btw isnt this one yours?

    1. Hey there!

      I've been busy painting lately and have a bunch more that I need to take pics of, so stay tuned! :)

      Yeah, that's my paint job. The owner actually contacted me about using some of my painted minis and I said sure. Apparently he got the name wrong though, ahh well, doesn't bother me any. Thanks for pointing it out though! :)