Wednesday, August 6, 2014

After a long camping trip, here's an update!

Grave Wraith by Reaper (Bones).

 This guy actually saw some action in a game of Song of Blades and Heroes. While he got killed in the end, he managed to scare some goblins! I was inspired by some old GW books I had and decided to paint my ghosts up like those. Simply a light green with a heavy wash of green. I thought it turned out well, so I went ahead and painted ten more! They kind of remind me of something from Ghost Busters.

Spirit Reaper (Bones)

Ghost Reaper (Bones)
Lurien, Ghost Reaper (Metal)
Arrius, Skeletal Warrior Reaper (Bones)

 Really liked how this guy turned out. I painted him up as one of the personalities for my Undead force for Song of Blades and Heroes. He hasn't seen battle yet but hopefully soon!

Skeleton Warriors Reaper (Bones)

Did some slight converting with these guy's weapons. Swapped most of them out for some GW weapons.

Goblin Archers Reaper (Bones)

 This guys may seem like mooks but they actually slaughtered most of my Undead army in a game of SoBaH! Crafty little buggers!

Ghostly Summons Reaper (Bones)

Night Spectre Reaper (Bones)
Ghost Kings Reaper (Bones)

  And finally, we have these guys. I wanted a wight, so I went with the guy on the left. Then I got to painting a bunch of ghosts and thought he'd look cool all ghostly, and succeeded! :D

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