Friday, March 24, 2017

Chain Reaction 2015 AAR: When gangers attack!

 Tonight I decided to have a one-off game of Chain Reaction 2015 to practice up on the mechanics before I start some All Things Zombie: Final Fade Out games using CR2015. It just goes to show you, always expect the unexpected when it comes to Two Hour Wargames!

 And now, the good guys...

Left to Right: Officers Cooley and Schimps Rep 4 grunts, Lt. Droggs Rep. 5 star, and Corporal Nester Rep 5 grunt.

The Setup:
The Story: A routine patrol mission. The objective was to explore the three buildings in sections 1, 2, and 3 looking for any criminal activity going on in the ruined city and then return to the station when finished. Avoid contact if at all possible.

Notes: Because I had so many buildings on the table I ruled that instead of resolving a PEF for each building when within 12" and in LOS, I'd add a new PEF with any activation roll of doubles that were 1, 2, or 3's.

The Action: Moving up through the streets, the police encounter some activity...

Two PEFS! This could get ugly...

Alas, only one ganger!

The coppers won the insight and scored a lot of hits...As would be expected with three assault rifles!

Riddled with bullets, the ganger didn't even stand a chance.

Onward through the street...Two more PEF's (The previous turn I had rolled double 1's for activation and spawned another PEF!)

The cops didn't like what they saw! 13 gangers! (Two PEFs resolving as nearly the worst case scenario, two more and three more than the group...Not good!)

Note: The little dice are the reps of the gangers. Pretty much forced me to use all my sci-fi/modern adventurer characters but hey, got them on the board!

Short story shorter, the gangers won insight and blasted away at the cops with heavy firepower. Schimps and Nester went Obviously Dead immediately.

Even Droggs' Star Power couldn't save him from two Obviously Dead results! Only Officer Cooley managed to escape.
  All I can say is...
 I hadn't expected that kind of force showing up. Poor Cooley got a duck back result but I didn't have the heart to make him fight the gangers so I concluded that he headed back to the squad cars and got the hell out of there. Thankfully Droggs' Larger Than Life kicked in so he wasn't actually killed; maybe severely wounded and taken captive. I'm sure he'll be ransomed back...Hopefully in one piece!

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