Thursday, February 19, 2015

Treasure Awaits!...Unless you're Gresh the Not So Mighty...
I recently purchased both of the soft cover books for Treasure Awaits! and More Treasure Awaits! by Precis Intermedia. It's an old school dungeon crawler game with modern easy to understand rules. It's marketed as an introductory RPG game but it's certainly not watered down from what I've seen. This is by no means a review, just a preview of what I've been doing lately aside from painting.

 Every so often I get the bug to play a dungeon crawler and this one fit the bill nicely. You can play it either cooperatively with friends, GM'd, and solo. Being mostly a solo gamer, I was roped in immediately on this one! I've read the rules and had a few practice fights and while I wait for the hard copies (the set I got also included the PDFs!) I decided what the heck, might as well start a random dungeon!

 I rolled up a character, which was speedy and painless. I know they suggest between 3 and 5 adventurers but I'm a gluten for punishment, or at least Gresh, the warrior I rolled up, was (and I do mean was!). I stat'd him up, chose his pursuits, grabbed a broad sword, slipped into some shiny plate mail, and lit my torch...

Herein lies the account of one Gresh, consummate  warrior....A rather short account...

 So there I was, descending the steps into a large hall when what was there waiting for me but a Cave Bear! I hadn't sprang any traps so I figured I'd have the upper hand. With my mighty broadsword readied, I charged into combat ready for the oncoming pummeling of claws and teeth. What ensued was an epic battle of beast and man, metal and claw, testosterone versus...bearosterone...The battle raged, blood flowed, and both combatants barely stood when finally a victor was chosen by the gods of battle. In the end, the Cave Bear nursed its wounds while munching on tasty man flesh.

 It was a good fight and I got to learn some of the battle mechanics and think I've got a good grasp now. I probably won't play any serious games until I get the physical books but who knows, I might get a wild hair this weekend!

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