Thursday, February 19, 2015

Reaper Bones Hellborn Troll or Frost Troll

 Sometimes you just need to paint brightly colored trolls and this was one such case! I'm not sure what it is but I like painting wildly colored trolls. I have three other trolls painted up, Blue, Purple, and Green...Now we can add Orange! Eventually I want to paint up another one of these sculpts as an ice troll, as the actual Reaper Bones model suggests it is...Although the metal one is actually a Hellborn troll. Whatever! Regardless, I love the sculpt and he didn't turn out too bad. :)
Me smash face wit' rock!

Originally the entire back was black but my wife pointed out to me that there should be an orange patch...I knew I married her for a reason! ;)


  1. Very well done! Looks like he could be a denizen of some desert wastes or some area with volcanic activity and magma and such.

    1. Hey thanks! Sorry for the delayed comment. :) Definitely a fiery theme going on there. I was actually thinking of using him in a Song of Blades and Heroes game the other day. Might have to give him a bit of ranged attack with that rock of his.