Tuesday, February 10, 2015

On the Dwarven Forge bandwagon!

So over the past year I've been looking for a nice 3D dungeon and I've tried various types. First I tried Hirst Arts and while awesome, it was a bit too time consuming for me and I was looking for something more durable, what with kids being planned in the near future. If a kid drops a cast dungeon piece, it's done for!

Then I tried out Fat Dragon Games E-Z Dungeons. Again, they were pretty cool and I love Fat Dragon's stuff but the dungeon just didn't do it for me. The dungeon dressing stuff though is really nice and I use it in my games currently!

 Then I remembered Dwarven Forge had a kickstarter a year or two back so I decided to check them out again. I was always reluctant for some reason to buy them. Mostly because I thought they were pretty spendy. Reservations aside, I decided to blow part of my tax return on six basic sets and a stair set!! Best decision I've made in a hell of a long time.
Stuffed to the brim!

  The price was well worth it. The durability is unmatched as they're PVC plastic. The first thing I did was toss one across the room and it wasn't even phased. I then checked the calendar and it was Thursday... I set a goal to paint the entire thing by Sunday evening! While I didn't quite make my lofty goal, I was pretty darn close. By Monday afternoon it was completed and ready to play the next day. I wanted it to look unique and also match the color of the miniatures I have based, so I went with a dark brown scheme and picked out a few bricks here and there. I added a bit of moss coloring to boot.

 All in all, I'm happy with my investment. To christen the ol' girl, I decided to play a game of Song of Blades and Heroes using the Song of Gold and Darkness expansion and the home brew rules for Deep Dark Dungeons created by a fellow blogger. Here's a couple pics in action!
The wizard inspecting some runes...
The Dark Elf warriors that ended up slaughtering my warrior and thief!
The Dwarf posing outside the big boss' room...Right before he was ground into dwarven beef patties!

A mock battle...

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  1. These look great! I got a big pile from the Kickstarter and have similarly enjoyed them.