Friday, July 11, 2014

Troll Mania, OH YEAAAAAH!

 So, I've been at it again. Painted up a couple of fine Reaper Bones Trolls. These guys are the more generic types but I think they're my favorite. They're like an open canvas and I decided to get a little wild! I'm a big anime fan and there's one in particular that inspired me on these guys and that was The Slayers. A top notch old school anime with lots of color, especially the monsters. Hence I painted these guys up like the trolls from The Slayers, lots of different wild colors. The results:
"Watermelon Troll" with Hulk Hogan hair style...
He should seriously get those checked out!

"Seahawks Troll" Go Hawks!
  These guys were a TON of fun to paint and super fast. I didn't go hog wild on details and such since they're just tabletop quality minis but hey, I like 'em a lot and I think my vision of them was executed well. :) Happy weekend, folks!

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