Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Reaper Bones KickStarter program!

 There was a time when I used to buy Reaper Miniatures when they were the cheapest metal miniatures that I knew of at the time. Over the years though, like many other companies, the prices have gone way up to around $6.00 to $7.00 just for a character model! Needless to say, I was forced to find other avenues for finding and painting miniatures. That is, until recently.

 Reaper released a line of miniatures called Bones not too long ago. They're basically a polymer version of their metal cousins but at a drastically reduced price. There are currently 16 different models (not including the kobolds and rat models, as they have several different variations so I'll count them as one).

 Apparently one third of all miniatures they've been selling have been Bones, which I think is pretty cool and speaks to gamers and miniature collectors wanting a cheaper alternative to the metal figures (yay for that!). Now, the problem is that they would like to expand out this line but the molds are very expensive. My dad happens to work for an injection mold making company, so I have some insight into it and he says they are indeed very expensive.

 The solution? Reaper has started the Reaper Bones KickStarter program. It's basically supporting Reaper in their endeavor to bolster the Bones line of miniatures exponentially. There are a ton of different levels you can pledge at from a buck to thousands of dollars. Now, that said, what's in it for us, the consumer? Well, each level of pledge has its rewards. Some have a hat or a shirt, others full lines of miniatures, and other unique artwork, etc. I myself am super excited about it and pledged $100 for the Vampire level. This one alone is currently sitting at 102 miniatures as a reward!

 Better yet, with each benchmark they make (currently almost at $260,000 pledged) they will "dig up" a new stretch goal that might give other pledge options and even add to the miniature packages. So who knows what else is in store. I guess we'll have to wait! It ends on August 25, 2012. So check it out if you want to pick up some awesome deals and support Reaper's goal of getting cheaper miniatures! Look no further than Reaper Bones KickStarter!

 Today I ordered the current line of Bones in anticipation and will hopefully be able to paint a few up and give a full review soon! Happy painting, my friends!


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