Monday, July 9, 2012

Julie Guthrie Personalities and a Metal Magic Skeleton!

                              Julie Guthrie's Personalities: Female Paladin

 Here's a really nicely sculpted female paladin. I like the fact that she's almost totally covered in armor whereas today, most female sculpts it seems just have a metal bikini! She's also got a pretty cool stance and looks like she could lead any adventure party to glory. Her face isn't very beautiful but hey, we aren't all lookers, right? She is now re-cast by Mega Miniatures.

                                 Julie Guthrie's Personalities: Female Elf Ranger
 Here's another great example of a fully clothed female! At first I thought it was a guy but after further inspection, I saw that it was a woman and my hopes of painting it like Link were dashed. She really does remind me of link but ah well. I stuck with a wood elf sort of theme with her. Her shield is a simple freehand tree, which I'm not entirely happy with but hey, it looks like a tree. I'm sorry the pictures didn't turn out very well on this one! I'll try and retake them another time. Available through Mega Miniatures.

                          Julie Guthrie's Personalities: Champion 2-Handed Sword

 This guy looks a little plain but he's got a really neat stance, in my opinion. You can almost see him charging through a wasteland full of scary creatures. Originally I wanted to go with a darker armor and a wolf skin but I decided to go with a nice steel look and a bear skin, since he doesn't really seem like he's evil or anything. Overall, I'm happy with the way he turned out. He's available through Mega Miniatures. 

                               Skeleton with two-handed sword by Metal Magic


 I decided I needed something for my heroes and adventurers to fight, so here's this guy. I went with a brownish skeleton as opposed to the classic black and white since I wanted a more realistic feel to it (as I tend to do with most of my miniatures). I really liked the way his sword turned out, as it makes it look like he crawled out of a shallow grave with a rusted sword. He can be had by Mega Miniatures.


  1. These are amazing! I have been desperately looking for the champion fighter w/2-handed sword, please let me know if it is somehow available! My email is