Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Knights, a monk, and a halfling from Mega Miniatures.

             Today I've got a number of miniatures that I painted up from last year, all except Taz. I'm hoping to have more pictures up soon as I do some more painting and picture taking. I seem to have a bad habit of learning a new paint technique and then applying it to my older paint jobs! Ahh well, I guess that makes them better, in the long run.

                                             Plumed Knight by ??

 This guy is pretty neat with his giant sword and giant plume to boot. I'm not exactly sure what company released it originally but I think it's Metal Magic. He's got that classic knight look going on for him and a killer goatee! Picked him up at Mega Miniatures.

                                              Champion of Law by Metal Magic

 What else can I say about this guy? He's armored and awesome! Purchased through Mega Miniatures

                                          Julie Guthrie's Personalities Female Halfling
 This little thing (and I do mean little!) was a pretty fun painting experience. It was definitely the smallest 25 mm miniature I've ever painted. I thought she turned out rather well. I'm amazed that back in the late 80's and early 90's they could sculpt them so well this small. Purchased from Mega Miniatures.

                                              Julie Guthrie's Personalities Gulgevar Taz

 This guy was my first experimenting with "dark armor." Turned out fairly well, especially the halberd. He used to be part of the "Lords of Decay" boxed set by Julie Guthrie and is now recast by, you guessed it, Mega Miniatures! I particularly like the dragon face on his shoulder pad for some reason.

                                                                    The Monk

  This is another miniature recast by Mega Miniatures but I'm not entirely sure who originally sculpted it. He's very small and slender but I like his simplicity and pose. I'd imagine him making a pilgrimage to some holy place or maybe just out for a stroll by the abbey.

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