Monday, July 2, 2012

And so it begins...

 This is my first blog entry! Here at Fantasy Miniature Painter I'll mostly focus on older fantasy miniatures that I've come across in my collecting and that I've painted. I'll occasionally have modern miniatures, so keep a look out. I've been been painting and collecting miniatures since I was about 16 when my parents bought me my first wizard "pewter piece" as I called them back in the old days. Nowadays I'm just a casual painter and collector. A good chunk of my miniatures are purchased through Mega Miniatures for dirt cheap when it comes to miniatures ($1.89 for standard-size!). Without further-ado, here are some pictures! I hope you enjoy!
                                          Bofore Pinenut the Druid by Ral Partha

  I bought this guy off E-Bay after searching years for him. He's part of a three-stage character growth progression with this being the first stage (and coolest looking might I add!). He's also my current favorite paint job, so a rightful place as the first picture.

                                  Julie Guthrie's Personalities Dwarf Fighter by Grenadier 

   Here's another really old guy. If I remember correctly, the original mold was 1987. I picked him up at Mega Miniatures and I just fell in love with the sculpt! He looks like a really early version of a fantasy dwarf. He doesn't even have a mustache, which I think is pretty unique, for a dwarf.

                                   Wizard with staff and pointed hat by Metal Magic

   This guy really reminds me a lot of Gandalf; in fact, I have another version of him painted up just like Gandalf, which I'll post here soon! He's got a great pose and personality going on. The little mushrooms are made of a nail with the sharp end stuck in the base, turned out pretty cool. This guy can be bought at Mega Miniatures as well!

                                     Ranger with Bow and Sword by Metal Magic

      This guy was kind of cool to paint. I wasn't sure what to paint, so I just closed my eyes, stuck my hand in the miniatures bin and I randomly chose him! He reminds me a lot of the old Citadel wood elves. Bought cheap through Mega Miniatures.


  1. Nice paint work! What size bases did you go with for the Julie Guthrie miniatures?

  2. Hey thanks! :)

    I just went with the standard 1" round bases for all of them.