Sunday, May 22, 2016

Red Sand Black Moon: Sambre, the Amazon: Fight two!

The date, February 983. The locale, a wooden arena in the Border Kingdom. The combatants, Sambre (Savvy 5, Strength 4, Speed 5) versus a skilled soldier (Savvy 5, Strength 5, Speed 5 with a sword and light armor).

 The cold winds blew across the arena floor, still frozen from the winter. Two warm bodies entered the arena with one thing on their minds, getting out alive. As is custom, the scantly clad slave girl signaled the beginning of the fight, hoping for a quick victory so she didn't freeze to death.
The fighters!

The man advances on Sambre..
Foolishly underestimating her skill, the man takes a slash to the right arm.
Enraged, the man charges in and stumbles forward, catching an axe to his chest! A bleeder!
Already a rough night for Sambre's opponent!
He was not out of the fight though and manages to rally. Sambre takes some slight damage to her left arm.

Despite his desperate attempts, the man could not carry on any longer before his life blood spilled out (poor use of his bonus dice probably contributed to his early demise!).
The crowd, albeit small, went wild chanting "Sambre the Amazon!"
This fight was an even match, both rank 8. I dropped Sambre's two swords at 24 points for an axe at 3 points, effectively reducing her rank to 8 instead of 10. While the +0 on reach did effect the outcome of the match, good use of my bonus dice saw her to victory. If I hadn't gotten a bleeder to the chest though, I might not have been able to beat him! Regardless, +1 fame and 200 gold coins for Sambre!

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