Wednesday, April 6, 2016

In defense of the tower! Swordplay 2015 Battle Report AAR

 As I left off last encounter, Sir Scott and his band raided an orc village to save a damsel in distress. Sir Scott and his gang, along with their newest member Jenkins (Rep 4 human warrior, AC4), sat in their tower basking in the glory of victory. That is until war horns could be heard in the distance...It could only be one thing, the orcs wanted revenge! Throwing together a hasty defense (and an equally hasty narrative!), Sir Scott and his grunts set out to defend their home.
My newest piece of terrain that I built! These guys better defend it...

Terrain placed, PEFs generated, and figures on the table!

The defense force. Sir Scott and Goose defend the tower. Drogan and Jenkins prepare to advance.

The first PEF resolves as something is definitely out there...

Suddenly, the orcs are upon Jenkins and Drogan! A rep 5 and rep 4 orc appear!

The two human groups win the insight tests and get the drop on the orcs...

From a distance, Goose lays low the Rep 5 orc with his bow!!!

Orc wins the charge into melee and descends on Drogan!

As you can see, the dice speak for themselves...Pass 7 dice! (Thanks to the Orc ability from 2HDC)

After seeing Drogan torn to bits, Jenkins decides to duck back into the forest for safety.

Goose, now insight after Drogan was vaporized, shoots the orc square in head, killing another orc!

Sir Scott rallies Jenkins and takes up the charge!

More orcs! This time a Rep 5 and a Rep 4 orc burst through the forest...The orc leader pays Sir Scott a personal visit!

Jenkins quickly falls to the orc's mace...

Slowly but surely the orc lord breaks down Sir Scott's will and after -2 to Rep and losing 4 star power dice, he finally succumbs to his wounds and is knocked out of the fight...

Goose, the staunch defender of his home, slays another orc but shortly after is set upon...

With ease, the orc lord chops Goose down, ending his kill streak at 3 orcs.

Homeless and wounded, Sir Scott's rep fell to 4 during an after the fight roll.
 Well, that was a terrible finale for Sir Scott!! I wanted to play him through three scenarios and run a short campaign. It certainly was a rough adventure compared to the first two but the good guys can't always win, right? It was a pretty dramatic battle for sure. Two rep 5 orcs showing up was bad but Goose definitely pulled his weight this time...before being squished into jelly, that is. Definitely had fun and I think that's what matters, right? RIGHT!

Thanks for reading!

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