Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Magnus, Wizard of Hope

 I haven't been doing a whole lot of painting the last week or so but I did manage to get this guy finished up last week. He's my all time favorite Reaper Miniatures sculpt and maybe my all-time favorite miniature. I hope I did him justice!

 As we're getting closer to fall, I decided to go with kind of fall colors, so I went with mostly brown, as you can see. Personally, I prefer natural tones when doing miniatures but sometimes they just don't capture the essence of a sculpt but I think my color choices really made him shine.

Magnus, Wizard of Hope by Reaper Miniatures

 I actually got him "free" as part of the Reaper 12 Days of Christmas deal they had last year. If you bought $65 or more worth of stuff, you got a free hard to find miniature, a different one each day. Well worth it!


  1. I didn't a simple brown color scheme could look so good. This wizard looks great!!!