Sunday, December 8, 2013

Foray into Pendraken 10mm Fantasy Miniatures!

 So I bought this new game that I've been itching to try, it's called Warrior Heroes: Armies and Adventures by Two Hour Wargames. At first I was going paint up a bunch of Reaper Bones and use them as the game pieces but since my girlfriend moved in, space has been, well, limited. With all the terrain I'd need, things would quickly fill up around here, so I made the decision to try 10mm. I came across the brilliant idea from Javier at War's blog and I think he's really utilized the 10mm scale to its fullest!

 First off, I needed to find some 10mm miniatures, so I did some research and I found Pendraken 10mm Fantasy Line, which fit the bill. They're a UK company and I managed to find a retailer that sold them in the states via The Warstore. It took a good while to get here (almost two months) but I finally got them...A huge bag of tiny minis! There's probably hundreds of them from barbarians, orcs, goblins, dwarves, you name it. And this was just my first order, there's two more on the way!

 I decided to start painting up one whole force, which will be the Barbarians as I've been in a Barbarian mood lately since I started my other blog but that's just a little self-plug. ;) What follows are the first guys I painted up for my force!
Bison Riders

Love those horns!

Shields that I sculpted myself!

 Now the original minis didn't have shields attached, so I took a little bit of green stuff and sculpted about 30 different shields. It was my first attempt at sculpting and I think they came out well. Simple yet effective. I'm pretty happy with the overall paint job, especially since it was my first time painting 10mm (I had painted some 6mm 40k Epic stuff but that was so long ago).

My next plan is to paint up some barbarian foot soldiers. Will definitely post them here when I finish them!

 I hope you're all enjoying your holidays!

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