Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Project Talisman!

 My girlfriend and I have started playing the current edition of Talisman and she mentioned that she'd like to see painted miniatures roaming the regions! What more encouragement does one need? :) Currently I have all but one of the expansion sets, so I'm looking at a ton of painting ahead of me on very small scale minis (I'd say 20 mm scale?). With this in mind, I think my plan of attack will be to paint a base coat and a highlight, black/brown lining, eyes may or may not be added depending on the mini, and the base will just be a plain black. I think the rocks and stuff on a base would just get knocked off eventually anyhow, so no problem. The mold lines are pretty irritating, so I won't spend a whole lot of time on them but hopefully nothing too noticeable will be left unless it endangers the miniature!

 Here's the first batch primed and ready for painting!

 I picked out the ones with a lot of similarities. These guys have either a lot of steel and/or red, so it will speed up painting not having to mix a lot of paint for red. Basically an armor style painting of five or six at a time...I'll admit though, I really can't wait to paint and be the Leprechaun!

  We played a game last night and a funny thing happened. Her pack mule got turned into a weremule and attacked her! I thought that was pretty funny, maybe it's just me. We never did finish the game due to time constraints but it was a lot of fun. You should definitely check it out if you haven't already.

 Game on!

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