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Five Parsecs From Home: Character creation!

Today I'd like to talk about character creation but before I get started , check this blog out, Another Slippery Slope, for another campaign for Five Parsecs From Home 2nd Edition.
Character creation, to me, is an exciting process as you don't play with pre-built super troopers hell bent on a rampage but instead, you are given a team of random people who just want to make some creds and loot while hopefully not dying in the process.
Here I will give an example of one character with my full crew to come in a later post, the Campaign Turn. Creating a character is simple. First, you have your basic baby character's stats:
Reactions 1
Speed 4
Combat Skill 0
Toughness 3
Tech 0
Then you begin  by rolling on the Background, Motivation, and Class tables to see what kind of character your person or alien is. These tables can add stats, enemies, extra weapon rolls, etc. Continuing on...
To start you roll percentile dice on the Background Table. In this example I rolled 99. I go do…

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